3 Carat Celebrity Diamond Rings for Fashion

If you are looking for some of the best engagement ring designs, the first place to hunt for them is the internet. You can get here hundreds of ring pictures flaunted by celebrities. Expensive rings, ornamental designs and carvings, beautiful and sparkling diamonds, and more. Definitely, the rings these celebrities can afford are worth envying. Sometimes, even when we cannot afford to have these rings, just reading about them can be a pleasure, so here are for you a few 3 carat diamond celebrity engagement rings that garnered attention from the world over:

Cash warren propose to Jessica Alba with an Assher cut diamond ring

3 Carat Diamonds RingA marriage which is still believed to be going on strong, it has been 3 years since Jessica Alba and Cash Warren got married in 2008. Cash proposed to Jessica with a 3 carat diamond ring that cost him $90,000. The special thing about the ring is the Assher cut diamond featured in the center. Even when Assher cut diamonds are not that popular, Jessica’s unique ring has inspired a number of couples to choose it for their engagement.

Tom Cruise presents Kate Holmes with 3 carat diamond ring

3 Carat Diamonds Ring for Engagement As hyped was the marriage between Tom Cruise and Kate Holmes in 2006, was as hyped as their divorce was. But, in between this, there a number of incidences that have kept the world more engaged in the affairs of the couple, including the oval shaped diamond ring that Tom Cruise presented to Kate in proposal for marriage. The ring is believed to have been priced at a whopping $273,000. It was designed by Fred Leighton. In addition to the 3 carats centre diamond, the ring features an additional 6 carat of smaller diamonds that surround the center stone.


Roger Mathew spend $100,000 on a ring for girlfriend Jeanie Farley

Roger Mathew, who’d been dating Jeanie JWoww for long, finally proposed marriage in 2012 with a beautiful 3 carat diamond ring. The ring, which was designed by Layna Friedman, cost Mathew a whopping $100,000. It is believed that it took almost 7 months for him and the designer to pick the right stone for the ring and assemble them in marvelous designs. He choose a 3 carat cushion cut , pink diamond for the center and several white and pink 7.3 carat smaller diamonds to surround the center.

Diamonds Ring


Reading about so many brilliant designs of 3 carat diamond rings does make us all feel envious and helpless for not having them; but nonetheless, you can get brilliant designs in lesser carat weight too. You just need to look around carefully and take some time is designing a ring, especially if it means a marriage proposal.