How to Select a Diamond Engagement Ring for Her?

Your giving her a precious diamond engagement ring as a vow of love will certainly make her proud, but if it is also tasteful and spectacular she’ll enjoy flaunting it around to her friends and family. Most women are fashionable in their own personal way, and look forward to getting something really special as an engagement ring. Therefore, just having diamonds in the ring is not going to impress her, its design, feel, and looks must complement her personality.ring

If your engagement is round the corner, and you’re looking for the perfect engagement ring, here is for you, a quick guide on how to select the perfect diamond engagement ring for her:

Choosing the Ring She Loves

To begin with, if proposing to her is kept a secret and is going to be a surprise, the task of selecting the right ring is bound to be challenging. There are several precious metals, several ring settings, and diamond cuts, which combine to make a ring. There is platinum, white gold and the traditional yellow gold. As far as the ring settings are concerned, there is bezel, prong, channel, pave, cluster, invisible, bar, and many other settings.

Choosing the Right Diamond Shape

Selection of the right diamond means half your task has already been achieved. To begin with diamonds come in several shapes such as round, princess, emerald, accsher, pear, radiant, oval, cushion, heart, marquise, etc. Trends today reveal that most women prefer round diamonds, which have the most brilliant sparkle and radiance. This is followed by the second most popular style which is princess cut. If you want something more dramatic, chose from vintage shapes such as cushion cut or radiant cut diamonds.

Choosing the Right Diamond Size

Choosing the diamond size is going to be determined by your budget. Since an engagement ring is going to last for a lifetime, compromising on its quality, value and design is not advisable, and yet going too much over the top, unnecessary. Diamond prices are determined on the basis of their weight, which is measured in carats. The smaller and lighter the diamond, the less expensive it is going to be.  Diamonds up to 1 carat and 1.5 carat are mostly the least expensive. But, if you’re looking for something rare, nothing less than a 3 carat diamond will do.

Choosing the 4C’s of Diamond Quality

The 4C’s of diamond quality were established by GIA (Gemological Institute of America). They comprise of Cut, Color, Clarity and Carat Weight. It’s important to check them all before jumping to purchase a diamond.

  • Cut- the cut of the diamond affects is brilliance and sparkle. Always look for Ideal, good and fair cut, depending on your budget.
  • Color- colorless diamonds are the most highly price diamonds, there are ratings for how much color a diamond has, carefully go through it before investing in a diamond.
  • Clarity-clarity refers to the degree of internal flaws in a diamond.  The clearest diamonds available have diamond grades FL-S12
  • Carat Weight- larger the diamonds, rarer they are, and hence more costly as well.

Choosing the Right diamond Seller

Diamonds can be bought with and without certification. Buying non-certified diamonds can actually cost you more in term of money, value and quality. To make sure diamonds are authentic always ask sellers for diamond certifications. Usually third party organizations provide a grading report with the diamonds, stating all details, which are not visible to the naked eye. GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and AGS certifications are two universally accepted certifications that you can seek for diamonds you purchase.