Famous Diamond Shapes

Diamonds always attract collectors and investors. Depending on their cuts and shapes (and surely brilliance) they are priced in the market. Virtually every diamond represents a unique essence of its own, which makes it different from the rest. Also, having knowledge about different diamond shapes can help you choose the one that matches your likings. Perfect combination of size, color, style and cut brings out the worth of a diamond.

Here is a list of the most popular diamond shapes available in the market.

  • Round Shaped Diamonds

Round Shaped DiamondsAlmost three fourth of the diamonds sold worldwide are round in shape. These diamonds are preferred the most for their enhanced brightness and capability to reflection large amounts of light for a brilliant shimmer. Also, the mechanics of the shape makes round diamonds superior to other diamond shapes.

  • Oval Shaped Diamonds

Oval Shaped DiamondsThe oval shaped diamonds possess an added advantage of lengthened shape, which helps in creating an illusion of bigger size. The oval shape is actually carved out of round diamonds using a modified brilliant-cut.

  • Princess Cut Shaped Diamonds

Princess Cut Shaped DiamondsA preferred diamond especially for engagement rings, princess cut diamond offers wide spread flexibility as it works with every ring type. These are considered to be the most fancy diamond shapes. They are very flexible in nature and work in almost any style of ring. They are almost similar to round shaped diamonds in this respect.

  • Marquise Shaped Diamonds

Marquise Shaped DiamondsIt is a long and narrow, almost football shaped diamond that is carved using a modified brilliant cut. They are known for possessing one of the largest surface areas for any diamond shape. Similar to oval shaped diamonds, they also create an illusion of increased size.

  • Pear Shaped Diamonds

Pear Shaped DiamondsA vibrant combination of round and marquise shapes with a conical point at one end, pear shape diamonds posses an outstanding symmetry.

  • Heart Shaped Diamonds

Heart  Shaped DiamondsWidely observed in solitaire pendants and rings, heart shaped diamonds are one of the most preferred designs for the amount of love they exhibit with the shape of heart. They look all the more beautiful when set in prongs.

  • Emerald Cut Shaped Diamonds

Emerald  Shaped DiamondsKnown to produce half mirror effects rather than regular sparkles that are produced by other diamond shapes, emerald cut shaped diamonds are famous for their color and inclusions.

  • Radiant Cut Shaped Diamonds

Radiant  Shaped DiamondsA vibrant and radiant diamond shape has evolved from the prince and cushion shape. The diamond is first cut into rectangular shape, which is then modified a little into square shape. A ring with round and square shaped diamonds looks brilliant.

The shape of a diamond forms a basis of its real brilliance.  The traditional and most widely preferred shape is round; all others are rich variants of this original shape. You also have the option to get your diamonds shaped according to your liking through customization services, which are offered by both online and offline jewelry portals.

Design, cuts, and setting of the diamonds are also going to define its sparkle and worth. Before settling for a given shape, do consider the setting and how that will impact the brilliance of the diamond.